Introduction to Management Science (GE)(12版)


寫書不容易,出版一本書更是要花費許多心力。讓我們一起向這些偉大的作者、譯者與編輯,致上最高的敬意。 一本好書,不僅內容豐富精彩,文筆生動流暢、深入淺出地具有高可讀性,在讀過後還有一種「讚嘆」的感覺,讓你對世界的認識又提升了一層。 整理了幾本書值得你一看

  A logical, step-by-step approach to complex problem-solving
  Using simple, straightforward examples to present complex mathematical concepts, Introduction to Management Science gives students a strong foundation in how to logically approach decision-making problems. Sample problems are used liberally throughout the text to facilitate the learning process and demonstrate different quantitative techniques. Management Science presents modeling techniques that are used extensively in the business world and provides a useful framework for problem-solving that students can apply in the workplace.

  ● Sections on Business Analytics (Chapter 1), Project Risk (Chapter 8), and Data Mining (Chapter 15) have been added to this edition.

  ● Problems and Cases - A substantial number of homework questions, problems, and cases are offered for students to practice. The 12th edition includes more than 840 homework problems, 45 of which are new, and 69 end-of-chapter cases, 5 of which are new.

  ● More than 140 new Excel spreadsheet screenshots for Excel 2013 are included in this edition. Most of these screenshots include reference callout boxes that describe the solution steps within the spreadsheet. Files that include all the Excel spreadsheet model solutions for the examples in the text (data files) are included on the Companion Website and can be easily downloaded by the student to determine how the spreadsheet was set up and the solution derived, and to use as templates to work homework problems.


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